Ford’s Republican

When Harold Ford Jr. arrived in Buffalo on Sunday morning, he was traveling with two companions: spokesman Davidson Goldin, and a friend named Dylan Glenn.

As we noted in our story this morning, Mr. Glenn “thrice ran as a Republican for a Georgia Congressional seat, worked as a special assistant to President George W. Bush and as deputy chief of staff to Republican Governor Sonny Perdue.” Along the way, Mr. Glenn garnered considerable press as a bright young African-American in a party not known for its diversity. (Time got it started with a brief profile–titled “Dylan Glenn: Young, G.O.P. and Black” in 1998, when Mr. Glenn was mounting his first run at the tender age of 28.)

But Mr. Glenn, a senior vice president at Guggenheim Partners, said he was not acting in any official capacity on Mr. Ford’s not-official campaign.

“He’s my oldest and best friend,” Mr. Glenn told the Observer this afternoon. “I was just basically just going to provide moral support.” He explained the two have been friends since their days in prep school in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Glenn also served as an aide to the first President Bush, during which time he founded the Earth Conservation Corps, which enlists at-risk youth from some of D.C.’s worst neighborhoods in environmentally-friendly projects.

  Ford’s Republican