Former Cuomo Opposer Stops Opposing Cuomo

Probably nobody has spent as much time working to derail Andrew Cuomo’s political ambitions as Hank Sheinkopf, the consultant who opposed Cuomo during his 2002 gubernatorial campaign, and again during his 2006 attorney general campaign.

These days, Sheinkopf is more supportive.

He sent an unsolicited email to me this morning, saying, “For the record; Why is the governor trying to draw fire away from the budget mess by attacking Andrew Cuomo? Politics should be taking a back seat to the fiscal crisis.”

On NY1 last week, Sheinkopf articulated Cuomo’s rational for running for governor, if he chooses to. Sheinkopf said Cuomo “will be the outsider, he’ll be the guy we picked to clean up the mess, and that’s his argument.” 

Later in the show, Sheinkopf noted he was “uniquely qualified” to talk about Cuomo’s political prospects, and said, “He’s a different guy. He’s ready to do this. If he runs, it’ll be very exciting.”

I emailed Shienkopf to say I was wondering if he’s considered working for Cuomo.

Sheinkopf replied, “Keep wondering.” 


Former Cuomo Opposer Stops Opposing Cuomo