Furia says election for Burlco Dem chair will be in June, not February

Acting Burlington County Democratic Chairwoman Alice Furia has scrubbed plans for the county to hold an election for interim chairman on February 4 and instead plans to finish out her term in June.  

Furia, who said she based her decision on legal advice from attorney David Sufrin, made the announcement in a letter to county committee members dated Tuesday.

“When something happens to the president, the vice president steps in. They don’t have a new election for president, and it’s the same way with our bylaws,” she said. 

Furia had originally intended to hold on to the post until June, but Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-Delanco), who wants to run for the chairmanship, narrowly pushed through a resolution at a county committee meeting earlier this month that scheduled an election for interim chairman in February. 

Soon after, Lumberton Democratic Chairman Chris Fifis announced dropped his bid for the top party post, instead throwing his support behind Riverside Democratic Chairman Gary Haman.

The party, which gained ground in the 2008 election by electing two freeholders, was thrown into turmoil after former chairman Rick Perr resigned in the wake of revelations about his involvement with a controversial political action committee.

Conaway, who has been publicly feuding with Furia, could not immediately be reached for comment. 

Furia says election for Burlco Dem chair will be in June, not February