Gillibrand Met with MacKay

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand met with the head of the state’s Independence Party for more than an hour and 40 minutes this weekend, the party leader said, calling it a “getting to know you” opportunity.

The chairman, Frank MacKay, said “she spoke and did very well” and that it was a “great lunch.”

The event took place at Derek Jeter’s favorite place, Oheka Castle, on Sunday as part of MacKay’s “power lunches” which, technically, aren’t official party events, but a number of key players were there, including Tom Connolly, the vice chair of the state Independence Party.

MacKay said the party’s nominating convention will be in the first week of June, and that it’s too early to rule out anyone for an endorsement. He did go on to say, “I think she’s reaching out to party members and trying to get support among Independence Party state committee members.”

A source close to Harold Ford Jr.,  who is considering a run against Gillibrand, said neither he nor his cadre of informal advisers, have contacted the Independence Party about seeking their support.

Gillibrand Met with MacKay