In-Laws Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes Planning Live Debates

“I adore Alan,” said Monica Crowley. “I think his politics are insane. But he is one of my best friends.”

Ms. Crowley, the conservative syndicated radio host, Fox News contributor, and McLaughlin Group regular was speaking to The Observer on Thursday afternoon about her liberal friend and TV sparring partner Alan Colmes.

In recent months, every Tuesday night, Ms. Crowley and Mr. Colmes have sat across from one another on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor and debated the hot-button topics of the day.

Up next: live audiences!

As reported in the New York Post on Tuesday, Ms. Crowley and Mr. Colmes are currently plotting to take their political wrestling act on the road. Ms. Crowley said she’s still in the early stages of planning the live debates, but hopes to kick things off soon. “We’re open to everything—universities, corporate events,” she said.

Wherever they end up, it’ll be a family affair. Roughly six years ago, Mr. Colmes married Ms. Crowley’s sister. Thus, when they are not in the studio bickering about politics as paid pundits, they’re often at family gatherings bickering about politics as in-laws.

All of which should come into play onstage. “We’ll debate and have a friendly, familial conversation,” said Ms. Crowley. “In other words,  take our Thanksgiving day dinner and take it on the road.”

How does debating Mr. Colmes compare to going toe-to-toe with, say, Eleanor Clift?

“Well, when somebody is part of your family—and I’m sure Mary Matalin and James Carville experience this—there’s a certain level of intimacy, where you can probably get away with a lot more,” said Ms. Crowley. “Remember, Alan has to answer to my mom.”

“When I’m debating others, whether it’s Eleanor Clift or Bob Beckel, you’re still in a fierce debate mode but you’re also on best behavior,” she added. “With Alan I can just let it rip.”


In-Laws Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes Planning Live Debates