Items! Business, Bake Sales, Babies, Bars

Jamie Dimon would like some other big businesses to get taxed too.

One of Chuck Schumer’s old professors doesn’t think much of Kirsten Gillibrand.

Preet Bharara delays some Galleon indictments: Not good for Raj Rajaratnam.

A Times reporter in Haiti answers questions about what it’s like.

President Obama is headed to Boston to save the health care bill.

This week’s James Franco performance art venue: 30 Rock.

Only in times of truly dire crisis will New York public schools permit bake sales.

Can Apple sue Gawker for its tablet “scavenger hunt”?

Zac Posen’s Target line looks like a winner.

Babies? In Bars? Bah, says today’s Times complainer.

Items! Business, Bake Sales, Babies, Bars