Items! Nerds, Puppies, William S. Burroughs

A thief in the Village looks a lot like William S. Burroughs.

Brooklyn gets its own distilleries.

Time Inc. does some online shopping.

Gawker spends 638 words trying to figure out how to make fun of Yale before arriving at a one-word solution: “NERDS.”

Oh hey, puppies.

For a dead guy, Henry Ford polls surprisingly well against Kirsten Gillibrand.

New print strategy: cater only to the extremely wealthy.

How are reporters in Haiti handling ethical concerns?

Reshma Saujani, with a little help from Goldman Sachs’ president, outraises Carolyn Maloney in the fourth quarter.

Ben Bernanke wants Congress to look into the bailout.

What do Chris Collins and Charles Barron have in common?

Bill de Blasio had lunch with Harold Ford.

Mayor Bloomberg is moving his deputies around.

Newsweek tries to explain Wall Street salaries.

Items! Nerds, Puppies, William S. Burroughs