Items! Sleeping With Sources, Geithner’s Edits

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Melina Ryzik on why lady journalists in movies sleep with their sources.

Mad Men costume designer gets a book deal.

Sully, reluctant celebrity.

Leno, in flux.

Tim Geithner is a heavy-handed editor.

Yoko says she’ll explain everything; The Awl is dubious.

John Liu so enjoyed his self-censored press release, that he tweeted it in installments.

Mayor Bloomberg did not sit in the front row like a nerd, he will have you know.

Facebook either does or does not make you dumber.

Think of the seats! Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the seats?

It turns out “Jersey Shore” does have a relationship to reality.

Starbucks customers care about being thin.


Items! Sleeping With Sources, Geithner’s Edits