Items! Sunsets, Cigarettes, Bedbugs

Tucker Carlson invited Arianna Huffington to write an introductory message at his new HuffPo-like site.

The Federal Reserve has some records of that bailout that it would prefer you didn’t see.

Kirsten Gillibrand has a new shirt, designed by Nanette Lapore.

Jamie Dimon to move bravely into dividends.

Big banks might get hit with fees.

Some good ways not to refer to Jay-Z.

Andrew Cuomo is curious about bonuses.

The Clinton sunset.

The Apple Tablet might have a webcam and 3G, which will surely come in handy for all the saving-of-print.

Facebook is exactly as terrifying as you think.

Brian Williams looks out for Jon Stewart.

Salt is today’s embattled seasoning.

The Wire’s David Simon returns to TV April 11th.

24 will be set in New York, but mostly not filmed here.

Cigarettes could somehow cost more.

Alas, no effective way to guess who has bedbugs.

Items! Sunsets, Cigarettes, Bedbugs