The Baffler Is in the Mail

It’s back.

Publisher Conor O’Neil told the Chicago Reader that a new issue of the contrarian, left-wing journal of business culture is officially in the mail. The last issue came out in 2007, and before that had been dormant since 2003.

Leon Neyfakh reported on the magazine’s comeback back in June, and got a list of writers who had been asked to contribute: Hermenaut founder Joshua Glenn, n+1 editor Mark Greif, BookForum editor Chris Lehmann, University of Illinois at Chicago professor and cultural critic Walter Benn Michaels, Zizek! director Astra Taylor and freelancers Christine Smallwood and Moe Tkacik.

The new issue begins Volume 2, and founding editor Thomas Frank told Leon that the magazine–which started in the waning years of the Reagan Administration–won’t be any less oppositional this time around.

“We did very well in the Clinton years, when you had a president and an administration in Washington that seemed on the surface to be very liberal, but that in fact wasn’t, that in fact was as pro-business as any Democratic administration ever,” Mr. Frank said. “That environment was really good for us-all that fake rebellion. That’s all still going on. I don’t think we’re going to have any trouble finding targets to rebel against.

The Baffler Is in the Mail