Times Would Like Journalists to Start Paying Them Now

The New York Times Company plans to launch certificate-granting online education programs this spring, reports Inside Higher Ed, expanding their current distance-learning offerings in partnership with Ball State University, Rosemont College, Thomas Edison State College, and CUNY.

“If you look at the content of the pages of New York Times,” education director Felice Nudleman told Inside Higher Ed, “we probably have as much depth and breadth as a good liberal arts curriculum.”

Distance learning is lucrative–or, as Felice Nudleman says, “really robust.” Covering topics like entrepreneurship, communications, and paralegal studies, the courses range in cost from a couple hundred dollars to almost four thousand dollars apiece. A Ball State “video storytelling” class is $235; $199 if taken on a non-credit basis.

And who might the potential students/customers for these offerings be?

Roger Lavery, dean of the communications school at Ball State, said he expects many of the early participants in the program to be older journalists seeking the new-media skills to adapt to a changing journalism industry.

Times Would Like Journalists to Start Paying Them Now