WSJ Mooches to Conquer

A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal effectively bought the right to break news from the  Los Angeles Times by paying to take the late shift on the LAT‘s presses. Today, they’re trying to buy press time from a bigger rival: The New York Times.

News Corp has been upgrading the Post‘s printing facilities to accommodate The Journal‘s forthcoming New York metro section, but they’ve run into delays and need to outsource some Post printing. Richard Perez-Pena reports today that The Times is “considering making the deal, despite [owner Rupert] Murdoch’s stated intent to compete with The Times and weaken it.”

What is the appeal?

Industry executives said that at typical printing rates, the work would yield The Times no more than $200,000. But people briefed on the discussions said the price was likely to be significantly higher.

“This is an advantageous business transaction and nothing more,” said Scott Heekin-Canedy, president and general manager of The Times.

WSJ Mooches to Conquer