Jersey City council looks into kicking Cardwell off MUA

The Jersey City council will vote tomorrow on a resolution to hire a law firm to “investigate and report” on the removal of indicted political consultant Joe Cardwell from the Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA).

Cardwell was caught up in the massive federal corruption sweep that netted dozens of public officials, including then-Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega, who has stepped down from his leadership position but remains in his at-large council seat.

The law firm that would conduct the investigation is Schwarz, Simon, Edelstein, Celso & Zitomer. 

Councilman Steven Fulop said it was ironic that Vega, who Fulop called on to resign in the immediate aftermath of his July arrest, would have a say in whether Cardwell should be removed. 

“The circus continues. We will now have Mariano Vega voting to investigate Joe Cardwell,” he said.

Both Vega and Cardwell have pleaded not guilty to charges that they accepted bribes from a federal informant posing as a crooked developer. 

Cardwell’s position as an alternate on the MUA is unpaid but provides health benefits.  He was appointed in 2008. 

Fulop said that he intends to introduce legislation at a later council meeting that would do away with health benefits for commissioners of the MUA and the Jersey City Incinerator Authority. 


Jersey City council looks into kicking Cardwell off MUA