Karrow mum on cabinet post speculation

Former state Sen. Marcia Karrow (R-Raritan) got the call to head Gov. Christopher Christie’s transition team environmental protection just four days after she left the senate.

Karrow, like she did in the assembly and during his brief tenure in the senate, treated the job as if it were meant to be full-time..  Over the last five weeks, she said, she’s been working 18 hour days. And Christie’s selection of Robert Martin as DEP commissioner hasn’t lessened the workload.

“I’m still working on the transition. It’s my job to help the new commissioner transition into the new seat,” said Karrow, who was speculated to be a potential candidate for Martin’s job.. “I think he has a very exciting portfolio.  He’s a change manager, he’s led a very large company.  He’s definitely going to bring a completely fresh, outsider look to the department, and I think that’s healthy. 

There remains speculation, however, that Karrow is a leading candidate to head up the Department of Community Affairs. 

She would not address it today.

“There is no truth to any rumors. I don’t listen to rumors.  You shouldn’t’ either,” she said.

When asked if she has interviewed for the post, Karrow said “the entire transition process is very confidential – every aspect of it. And as a transition chair, I’m upholding that confidentiality through the entire process.”

Karrow mum on cabinet post speculation