Morning Read: Attack


“It’s getting personal,” writes David Saltonstall, who said Kirsten Gillibrand is in “all-out-attack mode.”

Gillibrand “unleashed a barrage of attacks” on Harold Ford.

Gillibrand recalled how Ford “took the bar exam and failed, and so then he waltzed into his father’s congressional seat.”

Patrick Gaspard told top Democrats the White House is backing Gillibrand.

Ford’s homework to students: watch Obama’s speech tonight.

Crain‘s says Gillibrand isn’t being attacked the way Ford has been. Also, apparently the SCOTUS ruling on campaign spending could negate her fund-raising advantage.

Gillibrand on Republican opposition to health care: “It’s a disgusting display of everything that’s wrong with politics in America.”

Charlie Rangel on health care: “We are not passing the Senate bill, period.”

Reshma Saujani supporter Boykin Curry slams Rep. Carolyn Maloney. “[W]e’re sending someone like we’re a second-rate town, who checks the box on issues and runs excellent constituent services, but who I don’t think anybody would say is adding anything to the debate.”

Dan Janison said Obama’s speech tonight is symbolism, and to look out for the budget.

Bloomberg is “reveling” in the 2012 talk.

As he warned of layoffs, Bloomberg hired many workers from his campaign.

The city gave another $31 million for the Atlantic Yards Project, according to the Daily News.

The Nassau County Executive wants to undo the 42 percent raises approved for local legislators.

Cartoonist Walt Handelsman skewers the lawmaker who pushed for the raise.

So does the Newsday edit page.

Action on Hiram Monserrate may not happen until mid-February.

Chris Collins ends his gubernatorial bid. The G.O.P. line is Rick Lazio’s for the taking (unless Steve Levy pushes).

Collins didn’t mention Lazio in his withdrawal letter.

Education officials voted to close 19 schools.

The vote was 9 to 4, and taken at 3 a.m.

A representative from Brooklyn sought to delay the vote.

The closings damage “the fabric of our city’s neighborhoods,” writes Juan Gonzalez.

Heather MacDonald argues “Work, even at minimum wage, remains the best route out of poverty.”

Paterson blamed unions and legislators.

“Queens manages to retain power in City Council committees.”

Anthony Como may give it another shot.

And pictured above is the art from the New York Post article on Gillibrand attacking Ford.

Morning Read: Attack