Morning Read: BGov

Geoff Earle says Kirsten Gillibrand’s record does make her look like a
of Chuck Schumer.

Celeste Katz follows the latest punches thrown by Gillibrand and Harold Ford.

Michael Bloomberg is beefing up his Washington operation: BGov.

Anthony Weiner cheers Obama’s speech because it “properly chided” the Senate.

Fear of Chuck Schumer may help get Harry Reid re-elected.

Bloomberg’s turnaround on where to hold the terrorism trial is a blow
to the White House.

Bloomberg was “[r]esponding to growing pressure” about the trail.

Teachers need a smaller raise, or face job cuts.

Queens lawmakers watch Manhattan deal with a hospital closing.

The Times may help print Rupert Murdoch‘s newspapers.

The Times says Obama “too often in the last year he lingered on the sidelines.”

There’s federal money for high-speed train service.

Morning Read: BGov