Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Tourism, Weprin’s Commute

Michael Bloomberg defended the city’s flier on how to shoot heroin, saying, “It’s certainly not in the interest of society to have you get HIV/AIDS.”

Bloomberg’s inauguration speech, and his vow to take on immigration reform, draws praise.

Patrick McGeehan doesn’t share the mayor’s optimism about tourism.

Bill de Blasio has support from Council members backed by the Working Families Party.

The Post doesn’t like de Blasio’s community organizing. “The day that citizens need the government’s aid to petition the government is the day to pronounce democracy dead.”

More talk of Jimmy Vacca getting the  Council Transportation Committee chairmanship, from Bob Kappstatter.

Jacob Gershman’s plan seems to be getting its start with Charlie King, who wrote: “Discouraging debate, discussion and candidate participation is exactly the wrong approach to take when times are this challenging.”

Mark Weprin spent four months traveling up and down the Thruway.

Jerry Nadler opposes hydrofracking.

So does Christine Quinn.

Cindy Adams wants more airport security.

The census is coming.

Nassau election officials opt for voting machines made by Elections Systems & Software.

The company has hired “powerhouse lobbyists,” including Hank Sheinkopf and Norman Adler.

Lower assessments don’t mean lower taxes.

The C.E.O. of the state liquor authority reads Scoopy’s Notebook.

Clyde Haberman tackles the “death tax” and notes, “[T]he wealthiest bear much of the freight for services that help those with the least.”

More good news for charter schools.

And above are some speeches and songs from inauguration day.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Tourism, Weprin’s Commute