Morning Read: Colavito’s Skepticism, Lopez’s Meeting, Bloomberg’s Schools


Nearly 300 people who donated to Chuck Schumer also gave to Kirsten Gillibrand, reports Jennifer Fermino. Also, Howard Rubenstein said Schumer asked him to donate to Gillibrand, then backed off the claim.

Vito Lopez will meet Harold Ford Jr. on Friday; Carl Heastie of the Bronx is reportedly “open” to backing Ford too. (A Heastie spokesman may object.)

There’s an 80 percent chance Ford runs, says The Hill.

Confessore, in Memphis, hears about Ford’s liberalness.

David Paterson’s lunch partner is Jennifer Jones, who wanted advice on starting a charter school.

Paterson refuted The Post’s version of the story, as did the restaurant manager.

Calderone is entertained by the varied ways the tabs covered the story. 

Peter Colavito of 32BJ doesn’t see how Paterson can run.

Bloomberg doesn’t like the charter school bill in Albany.

A.R. Bernard (a Bloomberg supporter) also criticizes the bill, saying it reduces the number of entities that can authorize who opens a charter school.

The bill was introduced Saturday night.

The U.F.T. president called charter schools “separate and unequal.”

Sheldon Silver said the bill would end “divisive fights” over where to locate charter schools.

Diane Cardwell raises the curtain on Bloomberg’s volunteer announcement.

Noach Dear isn’t running for Council, reports Hamodia.

Al D’Amato, who famously stood behind Gillibrand, is now behind the “obscure” Bruce Blakeman candidacy.

Blakeman also made a football gaffe.

Blakeman didn’t waste time discussing annoying things like his stance on abortion, gun control, immigration same-sex marriage.

John Sampson raised $1.05 million in six months. Before that, he raised $0.

Democrats in the state senate are getting rid of the sergeant at arms, who is a Republican holdover, reports Odato [2nd item].

Steve Kornacki says it’s not easy following Andrew Cuomo’s footsteps from the attorney general’s office to the governor’s mansion.

Christine Quinn leads a delegation to Puerto Rico, outraged over the investigation into the death of a gay man there.

Bronx Republicans get s new office, and they hope no protests.

Valesky’s fund-raising numbers are above the fold.

Valesky has a lot more money than his three likely challengers.

Columbia County Democrats fear losing Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts.

Cameras were banned from two two town’s local planning board.

And here’s video of Lee Miringoff, sizing up Gillibrand and Ford.


Morning Read: Colavito’s Skepticism, Lopez’s Meeting, Bloomberg’s Schools