Morning Read: Cuomo’s Candidacy, Ford’s Tactics, Monserrate’s Comparison

Floyd Flake met with Andrew Cuomo: “We had some discussion about whether he was going to run, and, obviously, his leanings are to do so,” Flake said. “He mentioned that he knew he needed to balance the ticket.”

The story is front page news for The Times.

David Paterson’s aides call Cuomo a candidate. Cuomo aides “refused to confirm or deny” a report of his candidacy.

It’s on the wood of Newsday.

Cuomo, a “quiet candidate” offered Tom Precious ” a deafening silence” when asked about the budget.

Cuomo will announce “in late March,” says the Daily News.

Sheldon Silver prepares for a Cuomo candidacy, according to Fred Dicker.

Paterson banned troopers from the governor’s mansion, according to the News.

Kate Kelly looks at who might replace Cuomo as A.G. (Dinallo raised big bucks from Wall Street.)

Harold Ford Jr. is a retail campaign pro, says Michael Barbaro.

Ford has an op-ed in The Times urging more focus on the economy. The piece does not identify him as possible Senate candidate.

Ford will meet with John Sampson and the P.B.A.

Errol Louis said Ford doesn’t know the neighborhood he currently lives in.

“Ford brings his ‘not a candidate’ tour here.”

Ford met with a county chairman who said he’s still backing Kirsten Gillibrand.

Nagourney and Huse say Republicans want to run everywhere, but a strong G.O.P. Senate candidate hasn’t come forward in New York.

Chuck Schumer didn’t comment on Obama’s bank plan.

“Convicted girlfriend slasher Hiram Monserrate on Sunday compared himself to murdered civil rights workers.”

More on the U.F.T. and the charter school cap.

Plouffe returns.

Massachusetts was not about Obama nor health care, says Frank Rich.

Massachusetts was about revolting against partisanship, according to Doug Schoen.

Goodwin: “America’s spirit of independence has been emancipated and the cult of Obama-ism is finished.”

Rick Karlin has deja vu.

A bill about farmworkers’ salary skirts the Agriculture Committee in Albany.

Chris Collins, still going.

Evan Stavisky doubts the W.F.P. illegally put Debi Rose over the top.

Andrew Hawkins has interesting reading for the train ride to Albany.

Maybe he’ll get to sit next to Ford.

And pictured above is Ford in a Buffalo yesterday, campaigning as an aide tries dragging him off to a meeting.

Morning Read: Cuomo’s Candidacy, Ford’s Tactics, Monserrate’s Comparison