Morning Read: Echoing Brown, Funding Paterson, Tweeting Garodnick

Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer voted against an amendment to end the TARP program that would have required money already paid back to go towards retiring the debt.

The guy in this strange jilted-lover story is an economic adviser to Obama.

It makes the the wood of the Post.

Expect a lot of attack ads.

Unrestricted Internet access is now a foreign policy issue, said Hillary Clinton.

She also wants China to investigate the attacks on Google.

Mort Zuckerman wants foreigners who earn advanced degrees to stay. He also warns: “[I]t could take as many as five years or even more to recover all of the eight-plus million jobs lost since March 2007.”

Unemployment hits 8.8 percent around Glens Falls.

It hit seven percent–a 26-year high–around Schenectady.

Teacher benefits will cost $14 million more than Utica is budgeting for.

The Observer-Dispatch wants Paterson’s budget preserved, and tells lawmakers: “Add absolutely nothing to this budget without cutting an equal amount.”

Here’s more on Scott Murphy saying it would be “crazy” to rush health care reform before Scott Brown is seated.

Michael Arcuri: “If we didn’t see what happened Tuesday night, we have blinders on.”

Jerry Nadler maintained his opposition to taxing expensive health insurance plans.

Mike McMahon said we shouldn’t read too deeply into Massachusetts. “Many additional factors that went into Brown beating Coakley are being overlooked.”

Bruce Blakeman tries sounding like Scott Brown.

Michelle Paterson said there’s “definitely” an orchestrated effort to damage her husband.

Headline: “Paterson willing to primary against Cuomo.”

David Paterson will field questions for 90 from upstate editorial boards next Tuesday. And it’ll be streamed live.

Paterson raised a lot of money in Kiryas Joel.

The city has to pay a plaintiff’s legal fees after city lawyers defended a policy they had already replaced for more than a year.

Clyde Haberman: Michael Bloomberg’s State of the City speech was “dominated by singles, not home runs.”

City Council committee assignments shows Christine Quinn and Vito Lopez are feuding less, and the Bronx is gaining clout.

The city government tweets.

Joe Morelle is protested for supporting mayoral control of schools.

The Daily News slams Bill de Blasio for his attacks on Bloomberg’s homelessness policies.

The News is more subtle in appraising Charles Barron’s chairmanship loss. 

Dan Garodnick tweets about getting the chairmanship of the Technology Committee.

And here’s Jonathan Tasini with the Independent Neighborhood Democrats in Brooklyn.

Morning Read: Echoing Brown, Funding Paterson, Tweeting Garodnick