Morning Read: Ford 2010, Thompson 2013

Domenic Recchia is getting the Finance Committee chairmanship, according to unnamed sources.

Michael Bloomberg is open to backing Harold Ford against Kirsten Gillibrand.

Steven Rattner and Maureen White are supportive of Ford, too.

MyDD’s Nathan Empsall on Ford’s Senate bid:  “bizarre,” “quixotic,” and “silly.”

Simcha Felder makes the front page of Hamodia.

The Daily News hits Felder for the cost of the special election.

The Times lead editorial on immigration notes that “Mr. Bloomberg is a force to reckon with.”

Bill Thompson will run for mayor in 2013, he says.

On 2009, Thompson said, “[P]eople overestimated the impact of campaign spending.”

Danny Hakim: “Mr. Thompson should face a less uphill fund-raising battle, unless another billionaire enters the race — or if Mr. Bloomberg breaks his promise not to run for a fourth term. Asked about the latter possibility, Mr. Thompson laughed and said, ‘Oh God.’ “

Thompson also spoke to the Daily News about his plans.

Hotline writes about Thompson’s positioning.

Michael Powell on the Working Families Party: “Mr. Cantor invited this reporter to look through piles of election records, which appear to support his claim that Data and Field Services charges a standard rate.”

The UFT’s lawsuit over class size was filed in the Bronx.

“This is a lawsuit about broken promises to the parents and children of New York City,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew.

The award for “Most Likely to Replace Marty Markowitz in four years” goes to Recchia and Eric Adams.

ES&S voting machines, which were picked by Nassau officials on Monday, will be used in New York City now too.

Fred Umane wanted Dominion, a rival company, to be used.

The contract with city officials is worth about $50 million.

Here’s video of Dan Halloran’s inauguration.

Speaking at Percy Sutton’s funeral today: Rangel, Paterson, Dinkins and Jackson.

The day of Sutton’s funeral, The Times runs this trend story, headlined: “No Longer Majority Black, Harlem is in Transition.”

Christine Quinn tries saving student MetroCards.


Morning Read: Ford 2010, Thompson 2013