Morning Read: Ford Looms, Bloomberg Hires


One day after Harold Ford Jr. registered to vote in New York, his name was floated as a Senate candidate.

From Tennessee: “Even though he hasn’t lived in Shelby County nor spent much time here at all, Ford was registered and voting here until 2008!”

The Post: “Steve Israel, too, should think about rejoining the fight.”

Harry Reid told Michael Bloomberg not to back Ford (who lunched with Bradley Tusk and Doug Schoen).

Chuck Schumer met with Ford to ask him not to run, but Al Sharpton is open to the idea.

Rudy Giuliani wants Susan Molinari to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand.

Bloomberg created a six-figure job for former campaign aide Andrea Batista Schlesinger.

Bloomberg also hired Emily Pataki.

Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone may challenge State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Hamodia runs a headline about the defeat of “Marriage Redefinition” in New Jersey.

The Post Star runs two photos of Schumer on their front page.

Thursday’s visit was Schumer’s third to Glens Falls in the past year.”

Schumer is trying to save a grocery store in Rome, N.Y.

“We have a one-word response to Governor Paterson’s assertion: Fine,” said Susan Lerner.

David Paterson wants to eliminate the cap on charter schools and lift a ban on using test scores to determine teacher tenure.

George Maziarz vows to help elect Republicans, even though Democrats gave him a promotion.

Richard Brodsky is confident students will be able to keep their MetroCards.

Reform of local courts seems unlikely.

City pension funds hit $101 billion today, but Bloomberg aides say “it will do nothing” to plug the city’s $4 billion budget gap.

About one million New Yorkers don’t have health insurance.

Here’s WPIX footage of Christine Quinn’s re-election as speaker.

How much money did Doug Hoffman collect in small contributions: $111,977, or $637,958.21?

And here’s Ford on MSNBC about two weeks ago suggesting Democrats in Tennessee may have to “position themselves against President Obama.”


Morning Read: Ford Looms, Bloomberg Hires