Morning Read: Ford’s Thoughts, Bloomberg’s Plans

Harold Ford has an editorial in the Daily News.

The 9/11 trials may take place on Governors Island, which would be one use for it.

There’s a new Brooklyn D.A., and it looks like she’s a Schumer pick too.

The mayor’s State of the City speech did not make a splash.

“But although Mr. Cuomo’s behavior may seem to echo his father’s, he does not appear to be troubled by similar indecision.”

The legislature actually passed an ethics bill, and then David Paterson vetoed it because it “does not go far enough.”

The Times says the bill was weak.

A debate on gas drilling with actual experts is taking place Monday.

Warren Buffett recommends a “guilt tax” on Wall Street.

Robert Morgenthau continues to not retire.

John Edwards admits the baby is his.


Pollster John Zobgy gives up control of his firm, but will stay active.

Paterson’s revenue raisers makes the front page of this Polish-language newspaper.

Translation from Super Express: “Paterson wants to put back into New York fighting in cages.”

Morning Read: Ford’s Thoughts, Bloomberg’s Plans