Morning Read: Ford’s Trip, Weiner’s Attack, Schumer’s Tweet

Bill Clinton on Haiti.

Hillary Clinton on Haiti: “Our ambassador has been trapped in his own home.”

Hillary cut short her trip to Asia to deal with Haiti.

Ray Kelly was in Haiti last week.

Harold Ford Jr. will visit Haiti with Al Sharpton.

More footage that’ll make it tough for Ford to run for Senate in New York.

Talking Points Memo has more on Ford’s voter registration: Tennessee election officials “list Ford’s primary residence at 415 S. Front Street.”

Anthony Weiner attacks: “I haven’t heard anyone in the delegation express enthusiasm for his candidacy,” and ” “I don’t think there’s much of an appetite for a candidacy premised on being a problem for Harry Reid or standing up to Chuck Schumer.”

Kirsten Gillibrand said New Yorkers won’t back a Senate candidate who opposes Obama’s agenda.

She said Ford’s views “may be right for Tennessee” but not New York.

A columnist for the Memphis Flyer thinks Ford fits New York better than Tennessee.

The Watertown Daily Times wants a Senate primary.

Dan Squadron defended the ethics bill proposed yesterday, saying, “It is better to have a good bill than a perfect press release.”

Paterson, unhappy, would veto it.

Blair Horner said good government groups are “angry at how he attacked us.”

Joe Robach, a Republican state senator from Rochester, argues against the Democratic Senate president having an office in Rochester.

John Sampson “could be officially named Majority Leader as early as next month.”

Debi Rose’s campaign treasurer said he didn’t know a W.F.P. spokesman was working on the campaign and getting paid. Rose declined comment.

Critics of mayoral control of schools in Rochester say the change requires two consecutive votes by state lawmakers; Bloomberg, though, only needed one.

Bloomberg’s director of communications goes to Bloomberg’s foundation; Patti Harris, Kevin Sheekey and Ed Skyler “will probably stay, at least through the year.”

A federal judge said the F.D.N.Y. discriminated against minorities.

Eliot Engel fears “60 or 80 or 100 million people” could be left without coverage if the health care bill “crashes and burns.”

Still waiting for that Supreme Court decision.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is raising money for Reshma Saujani.

Page Six notices.

Republicans are beating Democrats on Twitter.

Proof: Chuck Schumer, still not tweeting.

Queens Republicans support Lazio.

Meet Kaitlyn Ross.

And pictured above is a scene from Sharpton’s rally for Haiti last night, which featured: Harold Ford Jr., Pras of the Fugees, Malcolm Smith, Jessee Jackson, Kirsten Gillibrand, Charles Barron, and David Paterson.

Morning Read: Ford’s Trip, Weiner’s Attack, Schumer’s Tweet