Morning Read: ‘I am a New Yorker’


James Carville blames Patti Solis Doyle for the details in Game Change.

Harold Ford Jr. writes to the Post: “I am pro-choice — have always been.” He also now supports same-sex marriage, “Like New York’s senior senator.”

Ford shares the wood.

Business Insider considers Ford to now have declared.

At the same time, Ford’s spokesman is still saying he’s a month or two off from making a decision.

Also, Robert McCarthy writes: “[N]obody from Ford’s camp has reached beyond New York City to upstate Democratic strongholds like Buffalo.”

The Times wants a race.

Michael Saul: “Harold Ford seems to be taking a page from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s playbook – flip-flopping on issues at breakneck speed.”

Just like Mark Green said.

Of 21 people asked, only three identified Ford and Gillibrand.

A Tennessee newspaper calls Ford’s support of same-sex marriage a “reversal.”

The Dish says Ford now “sees the light” on same-sex marriage.

The spokesman for Ford says he “absolutely supports a woman’s right to choose.”

David Kaufman fears “yet another Black democrat skewered by White Gay leaders.”

A New York Post reader: “Maybe Harold Ford Jr. feels that the NY Democratic powerbrokers can’t throw a black governor off the 2010 ticket and also deprive a black senatorial candidate a shot at the US Senate.”

Where are the Republicans?

Paterson’s budget would raise state spending by almost two percent.

Paterson’s budget won’t include a cigarette tax increase.

George Pataki supports ultimate fighting.

Chris Lee runs for re-election by saying things like, “The way we conduct business in Washington is wrong.”

It’s front page news.

The Government Operations Committee may get folded into the Technology in Government Committee, with Gale Brewer in charge.

What is Patrick Gaspard doing in Ohio?

John Faso writes that Chuck Schumer isn’t looking out for New Yorkers on health care.

Bloomberg and McCain spokeswoman Jill Hzelbaker goes to Google.

The Daily News sounds supportive of Bloomberg’s salt fight.

The Post, not so much.

Skurnik says it’s all in the timing: “I invite you to compare the number of people who actually watch “flop” Leno and those who watch “popular” Beck.”

Gatemouth separates Harry Reid’s comments from Trent Lott’s.

And Ford tells Chris Matthews, “I am a New Yorker.”



Morning Read: ‘I am a New Yorker’