Morning Read: Paterson Cuts Deep, Bloomberg Shuffles Staff


Republicans’ win in Massachusetts “could change everything,” says Newsday.

Michael Cooper says it may not be all about health care. “[T]he potency of the issue for voters here was difficult to gauge. That is because Massachusetts already has near-universal health coverage, thanks to a law passed when Mitt Romney, a Republican, was governor.”

Thanks to Massachusetts, Harold Ford Jr. will run in New York, says Daily Intel.

A Gillibrand spokesman said they’re not worried.

“[Obama] would be crazy not to get involved” in local races here, said a Hunter College professor.

Herman “Denny” Farrell said no matter what happens in Massachusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand “will be the next senator” here.

The Egg, where Paterson delivered his budget speech, may lose state funding. Canestrari is “concerned” bout health care cuts.

David Paterson is seeking the largest school aid cuts in decades.

The city would lose $403 million in school aid and $328 million in general aid under Paterson’s budget.

Paterson also wants to tax cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

He is adding tax auditors to catch tax cheats.

Times Union: “Not a penny of spending should be added to the governor’s plan.”

Buffalo News: “This budget would hurt, but there is no responsible choice but to endure it.”

The Times supports the budget.

Staten Island hospitals would get hit.

Paterson’s budget is “dead,” according to Tom Precious.

Expect “major changes” reports Bryon Ackerman.

Paterson’s budget would close an upstate prison that provides jobs upstate.

The Daily News said Sheldon Silver and John Sampson acted “cowardly and irresponsible” for blowing a shot at $700 million in federal school aide.

The charter school cap was not raised.

Assembly Education Chair Cathy Nolan is “a shameless extension” of Silver and the teacher’s union, writes Fred Dicker.

Lisberg grades Bloomberg on his 2009 initiatives.

Bloomberg’s “switcheroo” at City Hall is underway.

Joe Bruno’s fund-raiser was not open to the press.

The Daily News wants an end to lulus in the City Council, and notes Inez Dickens, Jessica Lapin and Vincent Gentile opposed it, and then took them anyway.

Like Bloomberg, Debi Rose had the same grade-schoolers sing at her inauguration.

The Sharptons head to trial.

The date is March 23.

Critics protest the mayor of Rochester taking over local schools.

Gavin Newsom said of Obama, “I am very upset by what he’s not done in terms of rights of gays and lesbians.”

And here’s footage of Gillibrand’s speech at Sharpton’s M.L.K. event in Harlem earlier this week.


Morning Read: Paterson Cuts Deep, Bloomberg Shuffles Staff