Morning Read: Paterson Scolds, Cuomo Subpoenas, Bloomberg Praises

David Paterson’s speech yesterday was praised by Republicans, jeered by Democrats.

But it makes A1 of The Times.

The Mohawk Valley feels ignored by Paterson.

Here are Paterson’s proposals, in bullet points.

Times Union: “This speech was as much a wish list as a blueprint.”

The Daily News is kinder. “[H]e is the only hope New Yorkers have for arriving at even a semblance of honest, affordable government.”

The New York Post wonders if Paterson can deliver.

Kevin Parker: “He was a legislator for 25 years and never introduced a single piece of ethics legislation. Now he’s been governor two years, and suddenly we have an ethics problem.”

The New York Times doesn’t support Paterson’s call for term limits.

Bill Hammond: “His alpha-male act fell flat in a roomful of people who knew Paterson back when he was a go-along, get-along lawmaker just like most of them.”

Diane Savino said Paterson’s speech wasn’t as tough as she anticipated.

Andrew Cuomo subpoenaed emails and records from Pedro Espada.

The Post Star plays Paterson’s speech big.

Republican George Maziarz gets a chairmanship in the Democrat-controlled State Senate (I knew Liz Benjamin was onto something).

Judith Hope sends a warning shot at Harold Ford.

Michael Barbaro notes Ford’s candidacy is heavily buoyed by his TV punditry.

Michael Powell paints the scene at Percy Sutton’s funeral.

Jason Fink covers the “fireworks” when Christine Quinn was re-elected Speaker of the City Council.

Here’s more on that. 

Bruce Ratner’s company is “Developer No. 2” in the Sandy Annabi scandal in Yonkers.

Page Six says Rahm Emanuel is going to leave Obama’s administration, and be replaced, possibly, by Valerie Jarrett.

In an online poll about Bill Thompson running in 2013, 155 voters say no, 57 say yes.

And here’s video yesterday of Michael Bloomberg calling Harold Ford Jr. a “very smart guy.”


Morning Read: Paterson Scolds, Cuomo Subpoenas, Bloomberg Praises