Morning Read, Upstate: Ethics in State of the State

Senator Pedro Espada Jr. parks in front of a fire hydrant with a police placard he somehow obtained.

The conservative Empire Center issued a budget blue print that recommended freezing public sector wages.

The state would have to declare a fiscal emergency to do this.

Bill Hammond says the report should be required reading.

E.J. McMahon, the report’s co-author, argues in the Post that the state is broke and spending must be cut immediately.

David Paterson has been quietly preparing for the State of the State.

He will propose term limits for lawmakers and more public financing of campaigns.

“We believe that it is too risky – that it is wrong – to subject not just the water supply of New York City, but of surrounding areas and the entire state, to something this risky,” Representative Jerry Nadler told a rally at City Hall.

El Diario says Steve Levy’s bid for governor is “frightening.”

Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat told Dan Janison that it’s okay, because his candidacy gives Latinos something to vote against.

Charlie King wants to hear from all gubernatorial candidates who’s the best manager for his kids’ future.

Janet DiFiore will not run for attorney general.

Stumping uphill with Rick Lazio.

Dan McCoy will lead the Albany County legislature.

Federal auditors said New York needs to do a better job tracking education funding.

Security to try Al Qaeda members in Manhattan will cost $200 million.

Andrew Cuomo squeezed an $11 million settlement out of H&R Block.

He e-mailed his supporters citing his accomplishments.

And below, Citizen Action posted a video reminding Representative Scott Murphy that he pledged to support expanded access to health care:

Morning Read, Upstate: Ethics in State of the State