Morning Read, Upstate: Sampson’s New Job

“People have almost forgotten he ran against Carl McCall,” Representative Charlie Rangel said of Andrew Cuomo. “[Cuomo’s] done a great job as the attorney general, and he’s mended fences. … I just don’t see how he could possibly run against Paterson.”

Fred says the White House is still opposing David Paterson’s election efforts, even after Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the race.

“It was about a little boy who was trying to climb a hill and there were all these rocks on the hill and these were all the souls of those who couldn’t climb the hill,” Paterson reminisced to the A.P., recalling a photograph he saw when he was young. “Everyone was yelling at him, ‘Don’t do it! Turn around! Something’s coming!’ And apparently if you turned around, you turn into a rock like everyone else…He’s tempted to look, but as time goes on he realizes these are the souls of underachievers, they didn’t fight the impulse to go along with everybody, to listen to everybody, and that will make you turn around and turn into a rock and make you roll down the hill.”

Paterson is also now cracking down on spiked bodega punch.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy formed an exploratory committee to run against him for governor.

Rich Schaffer, the Suffolk County Democratic chairman, didn’t return Newsday’s call about it.

Senator John Sampson is now “of counsel” to the firm of Belluck and Fox.

The NRCC has high hopes for New York pick ups in 2010.

The Post says John Nigro’s fund-raiser for Joe Bruno is “depressing,” but not surprising.

The Times Union also asks questions about the arrangement, and wonders when something will be done to the Legislative Ethics Commission.

“Membership in the Senate is a privilege, not a right,” the Post also writes. “If this report gives more volume to the bi-partisan chorus calling for Monserrate’s expulsion, good.”

Tom DiNapoli is ordering local elected officials to keep better time sheets.

The News says NYRA doesn’t deserve any more state money.

The Post says David Paterson’s burgeoning security detail is troubling, considering the memory of Troopergate.

Senator Tom Libous will run for re-election, “of course.”

The contractor who blew up the Champlain Bridge will also appear on a reality show, “The Imploders.”

And below, David Paterson promised that “the state will not run out of money as long as I am standing on two feet.”

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Morning Read, Upstate: Sampson’s New Job