Opening This Weekend: Michael Cera Grows Facial Hair, Amy Adams Goes Slumming and … Vampires!

If you’ve been waiting to see Avatar for a fourth time, here’s your chance. Three films hit theaters this weekend, but from the looks of at least two, you won’t be missing anything if you skip them. Welcome to January! Or, as it is more commonly known: “Hollywood’s Dumping Ground.” As we do every Friday, here’s a handy guide to the new releases.

Leap Year

What’s the story: Normally, we’re of the mind-set that Amy Adams can make anything better—witness Julie & Julia, where the “Julie” story line would have been completely worthless had it not been for her total investment—but even we have to draw the line with Leap Year. Ms. Adams stars as a woman who travels to Ireland so that she can propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, because Irish tradition says he’s not allowed to say no. Naturally, trouble occurs when she encounters a handsome pub owner (Matthew Goode, a long way from A Single Man), who may or may not be her one true love. Bored yet? The reviews for Leap Year have been so bad, even Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel has a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Avert ye eyes, folks!

Who should see it: Manhola Dargis.


What’s the story: The year is 2019 and a viral outbreak has turned everyone on earth into a vampire. Fun, right? Except without any humans, there isn’t any blood. Enter Ethan Hawke as a vampire hematologist (we swear), who must create a synthetic blood to save the vampire race. Or something. Think I Am Legend meets Twilight, except without any of the financial success.

Who should see it: Edward Cullen.

Youth in Revolt

What’s the story: For those of you wondering when Michael Cera would play something other than “Michael Cera,” we present Youth in Revolt. In Miguel Arteta’s long-awaited adaptation of C.D. Payne’s coming of age novel (seriously, this was supposed to come out in the fall), everybody’s favorite hoodie-wearer plays not only the same lovelorn teen we’re used to seeing, but also his alter-ego—a foul-mouthed, ne’er-do-well Frenchman (with a mustache!) named Francois Dillinger. The reviews have been solid and the trailers look fun, even if they can’t be bothered with actually saying co-star Zack Galifianakis’ name. At the very least, Youth in Revolt has to be better than Leap Year.

Who should see it: Snooki.

Opening This Weekend: Michael Cera Grows Facial Hair, Amy Adams Goes Slumming and … Vampires!