Pay-Model Role Model Changes Things Up

The Financial Times, a model for The New York Times metered pay-plan, is making some changes. will be adding a “day pass” feature early this year, as well as a new mobile app. Managing Director Rob Grimshaw told

“It’s something we think will have a market. It’s reasonable to assume there are a lot of people who will quite happily pay that, but aren’t willing to commit to one year’s subscription in one go.”

Other changes would be slower coming:

Pay-per-article would be a “step beyond,” he said: “[The] technology is coming though to allow us to actually charge per article. Later in 2010 we ought to be in a position to be able to do that but that’s quite a big step.

“You’re talking about disaggregating an entire proposition so you can literally choose a single part of it – it’s a different way of doing business.”

Still: way faster than The Times is moving.

Also, former Observer Gillian Reagan rounds up some responses to the day pass scheme over on T.B.I.

Pay-Model Role Model Changes Things Up