Pete King, Senate, Maybe, Etc.

In the course of a chat about homeland security and prostate cancer this morning, Representative Peter King told Don Imus he might be interested in challenging Senator Kirsten Gillibrand after all.

“Actually, I am looking at it. You know, a lot of people have come to me,” said the Long Island Republican, who seems to have reconsidered an August announcement that he was abandoning such a bid. But he remains a little unsure.

“To do that, I have to give up the House. I’d have to run all over the state for the next year, when I couldn’t be doing much work on homeland security. And I’d have to raise about $30 or $40 million. Maybe to you that’s chump change, but to me, that’s more than a few bucks,” he told Mr. Imus.

Mr. King then turned the conversation back to Mr. Imus’s prostate cancer.

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Pete King, Senate, Maybe, Etc.