Real Estate: ‘I Think The Worst is Behind Us’

Brokerages have released their fourth-quarter numbers for 2009, and it’s good-ish news for Manhattan’s residential real estate market: as Curbed summarizes, there were “more sales for less money.” The average sale price for a Manhattan apartment was around $1.3 million

Crain’s says that 2010 looks like “a good year” for residential real estate.”

“I think the worst is behind us,” market guru Jonathan Miller told The Times.

Of course, these figures are based on deals that closed three months ago and were negotiated as much as six months ago–a time so distant that we were all probably wearing shorts and eating Otter Pops and complaining about being too warm.

Quoth Observer real estate editor Tom Acitelli, “Maybe things are better. Maybe they’re worse. Maybe it’s just Manhattan, where the average apartment has cost more than $1 M. since Barack Obama was a state senator.”

Real Estate: ‘I Think The Worst is Behind Us’