Reichl Rehashes, Gourmet Staffers Move On

Ruth Reichl spoke with Leonard Lopate on WNYC, addressing the fate of print and, of course, the final days of Gourmet.  Ms. Reichl, who edited the revered food magazine for 10 years before it folded in October, reiterated the shock she’s discussed in previous interviews (“It was a done deal”), as well as the outpouring of sympathy she’s received (a lady bought her a sandwich at the airport). This time, the account includes Mr. Lopate reading aloud a bittersweet tweet of Ms. Reichl’s from just before the magazine’s closure:

“Foggy fall afternoon,” Reichl wrote. “Cup of lemon tea. Outside the window, a deer is munching on the lawn. About to start the saturday puzzle. Happy.”

Also: Ms. Reichl has temporarily set aside her anticipated Gourmet memoir in favor of another project.

In new news, Page Six reports that “about a dozen” former Gourmet editors will be decamping to AOL to start a food site, which Cheryl Brown will edit. Reichl Rehashes, Gourmet Staffers Move On