Reuters Food Now ‘Clean, Safe, and High-Quality’

Employees will be relieved to learn that the Reuters cafeteria has vermin-proofed its facilities. After pointing out the company’s poor performance on a November health inspection, Daily Finance has obtained a Reuters memo clarifying the situation for staff. Everything’s OK now, according to cafeteria manager Aramark:

We immediately developed and implemented a plan to take corrective action, which included personnel changes, refreshed employee training, and a full implementation of our sanitation and food safety procedures.

On December 29, 2009, the NYC Board of Health returned to the kitchen and found the corrective action taken to be effective and the kitchen passed its reinspection.

Our senior leadership team continues to monitor this location closely to ensure that this remains a clean, safe, and high-quality dining establishment.


Reuters Food Now ‘Clean, Safe, and High-Quality’