‘Savors Fresh-Picked figs, Prosecco, the Op-Ed page, NGOs’

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle‘s John Carroll is pleasantly horrified by the personals in the New York Review of Books. Here, he says, is a “more or less typical” specimen:

“STRIKINGLY ATTRACTIVE, ARTICULATE, intellectual, active politically. Into independent film, MoMA, opera at the Met, anthropology, sociology. International change agent working with rural developing communities. Slender, sophisticated – characterized by warmth and contagious humor. Adventurous, yet down to earth. Travels to India for work. Gravitates to New England, Albuquerque, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Sevan. Savors fresh-picked figs, Prosecco, the op-ed page, NGOs, meeting new people. Loves food – let’s cook together. Believes nothing beats relaxing at home with friends. Seeks accomplished, intellectual, attractive man, 49-67, for lasting, caring, real relationship.”

How does one savor and NGO? This is never explained

Of course, Gawker took note of this “hotbed of eldersex” two years ago (almost to the date), but Carroll contributes a dose of East Coast/West Coast friction that makes the Annie Hall reference midway through totally appropriate. Well, perhaps not as appropriate as “The Whores of Mensa” would have been, but nothing’s perfect. ‘Savors Fresh-Picked figs, Prosecco, the Op-Ed page, NGOs’