Senate and Assembly schedules for Thursday

Session begins at 2PM

A137 [Ramos, Ruben J./Riley, Celeste M.+7], PAAD/Sr. Gold prog.-automatic enrollment
A373 [Diegnan, Patrick J./Moriarty, Paul D.+1], Real estate promotions-concerns
A853 [Albano, Nelson T./Wagner, Connie+4], Vulnerable adults, abuse-req. reporting
A1767 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie/Evans, Elease], Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force-estab.
A1771 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie/Spencer, L. Grace+6], Expungements-revises elig.
A1853 [Conaway, Herb/Greenstein, Linda R.], Long-Term care insur partnership-concern
A2054 [Wisniewski, John S./Chivukula, Upendra J.], Adverse possession-concerns
A2143 [Cryan, Joseph/Greenstein, Linda R.+3], Stalkers-concerns
A2178 [Pou, Nellie/Cohen, Neil M.+1], Debts owed to courts, co., mun.-concern
A2564 [Quigley, Joan M./Prieto, Vincent+3], Absentee ballot replacement-concerns
A2640 [Smith, L. Harvey/Conners, Jack+11], Interst Compact Ed Opportunity Mil Child
A2651 [McKeon, John F./Conners, Jack+6], Reforestation plans, cert.-concerns
A2752 [Caputo, Ralph R./Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+3], Voter regis. material-prov elig students
A2872 [Prieto, Vincent/Dancer, Ronald S.+4], Tree Experts, Tree Care Operator Lic Act
A3099 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie/Biondi, Peter J.+3], Real estate brokers-prov. continued ed.
A3339 [Chivukula, Upendra J./Coutinho, Albert+4], On-site generation fac.-concerns
A3396 [Chiusano, Gary R./McHose, Alison Littell+1], Emerg. veh.-concerns warranties
A3448 [Gusciora, Reed/DeAngelo, Wayne P.+1], Voter regis. applications-concerns
A3480 [Fisher, Douglas H./Karrow, Marcia A.+2], Historic Trust-concerns
A3526 [McKeon, John F./Johnson, Gordon M.], Jury tampering-incr. penal.
A3835 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie], Prof. engineers-concerns competency req.
A4023 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Diegnan, Patrick J.+1], Presid. Council-concerns memb.
A4043 [Conaway, Herb/Conners, Jack], Beverly city charter-cert. provisions
A4245 [Spencer, L. Grace/Schaer, Gary S.], Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns
S130 [Scutari, Nicholas P.], Adverse possession-concerns
S139 [Scutari, Nicholas P./Singer, Robert W.+1], Real estate promotions-concerns
S149 [Allen, Diane B./Vitale, Joseph F.+7], PAAD/Sr. Gold prog.-automatic enrollment
S814 [Sweeney, Stephen M.], DRPA emp.-concerns rights
S986 [Sarlo, Paul A.], Debts owed to courts, co., mun.-concern
S1036 [Rice, Ronald L./Cunningham, Sandra B.], Tuition rates, in-st.-concerns
S1342 [Madden, Fred H.], Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force-estab.
S1365 [Oroho, Steven V.], Jersey Fresh-encourage purch. by St.
S1643 [Weinberg, Loretta/Singer, Robert W.], Defamation judgments, foreign-concerns
S1799 [Gordon, Robert M./Weinberg, Loretta+3], Vulnerable adults, abuse-req. reporting
S1947 [Turner, Shirley K.+1], Voter regis. applications-concerns
S1967 [Weinberg, Loretta/Lesniak, Raymond J.+5], Freedom of Religion in Civil Marriage
S2068 [Sweeney, Stephen M.], Real estate brokers-continuing ed.
S2141 [Haines, Philip E./Baroni, Bill+1], Reforestation plans, cert.-concerns
S2249 [Buono, Barbara/Beck, Jennifer+1], Historic Trust-concerns
S2294 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Sarlo, Paul A.], Stalkers-concerns
S2297 [Allen, Diane B./Van Drew, Jeff+1], Interst Compact Ed Opportunity Mil Child
S2304 [Oroho, Steven V./Buono, Barbara], Emerg. veh.-concerns warranties
S2394 [Buono, Barbara/Vitale, Joseph F.+4], Medicaid prog.-concerns
S2397 [Scutari, Nicholas P.+1], Funeral insur. policies-concerns
S2493 [Codey, Richard J./Allen, Diane B.], St. emp., cert.-concerns drug testing
S2503 [Gordon, Robert M./Singer, Robert W.+5], Tree Experts, Tree Care Operator Lic Act
S2541 [Rice, Ronald L./Redd, Dana L.+1], Voter regis. material-prov elig students
S2545 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Baroni, Bill+3], Dentists-concerns continuing ed.
S2557 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Oroho, Steven V.], On-site generation fac.-concerns
S2580 [Scutari, Nicholas P./Beck, Jennifer], Absentee ballot replacement-concerns
S2708 [Ruiz, M. Teresa], Presid. Council-concerns memb.
S2853 [Lesniak, Raymond J.], Prof. engineers-concerns competency req.
S2859 [Lesniak, Raymond J.+1], Pub. depositories-govt. unit pub. fds.
S2865 [Sarlo, Paul A./Sweeney, Stephen M.+1], Worker’s comp. security fd.-concerns
S2898 [Codey, Richard J./Turner, Shirley K.], Community Svc. Phase Two Pilot Prog.
S2930 [Sweeney, Stephen M.], Beverly city charter-cert. provisions
S2934 [Weinberg, Loretta/Vitale, Joseph F.+1], Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns
S2938 [Codey, Richard J./Baroni, Bill], Jury tampering-incr. penal.
S2944 [Codey, Richard J.], Prof., cert.-concerns unauth. practice
S3020 [Scutari, Nicholas P.], Judicial Branch emp., PERS-concerns
S3036 [Turner, Shirley K.+2], Special Ed, Tramautic Brain Injury
S3061 [Rice, Ronald L.], Expungements-revises elig.
S3064 [Cunningham, Sandra B.+1], Societal benf. charge rev.-concerns
S3080 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Codey, Richard J.], Community care resid. providers-concerns
S3091 [Sacco, Nicholas J.], Commercial driv. lic.-concerns
S3107 [Rice, Ronald L./Codey, Richard J.], Amer. Recovery, Reinvestment Act-concern
S3109 [Gordon, Robert M./Kean, Thomas H.], Long-Term care insur partnership-concern
S3123 [Rice, Ronald L.], Wage withholdings, cert.-concerns
S3153 [Buono, Barbara], Gov. annual budget message-concerns
S3157 [Scutari, Nicholas P.], I & R in cert. mun.-concerns
SCR129 [Codey, Richard J.], Ichthyosis disease-Cong support incr fds
SCR160 [Codey, Richard J./Doherty, Michael J.], Prepaid debit cards-reg.
SCR163 [Scutari, Nicholas P.], St. off. bldgs. renovation proj.-approve


Senate Commerce Meeting 9:00 AM
Committee Room 1, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ
Chair: Sen. Gill, Nia H.
S1539 [Smith, Bob], Franchise Practices Act-concerns

Senate Community and Urban Affairs Meeting 10:00 AM Committee Room 7, 2nd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ
Chair: Sen. Rice, Ronald L.
A4159 [Casagrande, Caroline/O’Scanlon, Declan J.+5], Earle Naval Weapons
S58 [Rice, Ronald L.], Mun Land Use Law-mod application process
S2986 [Sweeney, Stephen M.], PFRS-concerns retiree health benf.
S3017 [Beck, Jennifer/Kyrillos, Joseph M.+1], Earle Naval Weapons Station-housing
S3139 [Gordon, Robert M./Sacco, Nicholas J.], Vol. emerg. svc. prov.-concerns
mun. off
Pending Referral:
S2878 [Whelan, Jim], Alco. bev. retail lic.-concerns

Immediately following the Committee meeting, a public hearing will be held on the following:  The New Jersey  State Commission of Investigation (SCI) Report: “The Beat Goes On” – Waste and Abuse in Local Government Employee Compensation and Benefits; the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), Division of Local Government Services Performance Audit of the City of Newark.

Senate Education Meeting 10:00 AM
Committee Room 6, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ
Chair: Sen. Turner, Shirley K.
A2702 [Diegnan, Patrick J./Lampitt, Pamela R.+9], NJ STARS Prog.-concerns notification
S601 [Baroni, Bill/Allen, Diane B.], NJ STARS Prog.-concerns notification
S3113 [Cunningham, Sandra B.], Basic Skills Training Prog. Econ. Growth
S3161 [Turner, Shirley K.], Math, science teachers-extend pilot prog

Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Meeting
12:00 PM Committee Room 1, 1st Floor,
State House Annex, Trenton, NJ
Chair: Sen. Vitale, Joseph F.
S3108 [Vitale, Joseph F.], Broadband, Elec Health Info Network Auth
SCR159 [Singer, Robert W./Kean, Thomas H.+2], US territory resident-health insur.

Senate Transportation Meeting 11:00 AM
Committee Room 10, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ
Chair: Sen. Sacco, Nicholas J.
A4243 [Wagner, Connie/Evans, Elease], MVC-concerns
A4244 [Prieto, Vincent], MV equip., inspections-concerns

Pending Introduction and Referral:
S3159 [Sacco, Nicholas J./Ciesla, Andrew R.], MVC-concerns
S3160 [Sacco, Nicholas J./Ciesla, Andrew R.], MV equip., inspections-concerns


A132 [Vainieri Huttle, Valerie/Handlin, Amy H.+2], Managed care plans-assignment cert. benf
A243 [Vandervalk, Charlotte/Handlin, Amy H.+1], Rape shield law, civil-creates
A351 [Diegnan, Patrick J./Barnes, Peter J.+10], Elections, nonpartisan mun.-concerns
A371 [Diegnan, Patrick J./Wolfe, David W.+12], Sch. bus, svc. life-concerns
A401 [Handlin, Amy H./Vandervalk, Charlotte+2], St. Auth. Review Comm.-estab.
A436 [Green, Jerry/Wisniewski, John S.+2], Pub. contracts, loc.-price adjustments
A757 [Conners, Jack/Conaway, Herb+1], Child in foster care-concerns sch. dist.
A880 [Albano, Nelson T./Milam, Matthew W.+9], Reading Disab. Task Force-estab.
A1897 [Chivukula, Upendra J.], Safe Haven sites-concerns
A2139 [Greenstein, Linda R./DeAngelo, Wayne P.], Gov. annual budget message-concerns
A2202 [Karrow, Marcia A.], Highlands transfer devel. prog.-concerns
A2515 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie+1], St. off., emp.-req. to reside in the St.
A2547 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Wagner, Connie], Textbooks, higher ed. instit.-concerns
A2549 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Giblin, Thomas P.+1], Nursing Incentive Loan Redemption Prog.
A2762 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie/Johnson, Gordon M.+7], CDS near sch. prop.-concerns
A2973 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Greenwald, Louis D.+2], St psych hosp-concern training for staff
A3016 [Johnson, Gordon M./Schaer, Gary S.+2], Cemetery co.-file cert. finan. info.
A3042 [Cryan, Joseph/Rible, David P.+1], Alco. bev. tastings-concerns
A3218 [McKeon, John F./Rudder, Scott+3], Solar and Wind Energy Comm.-creates
A3336 [Johnson, Gordon M./Evans, Elease+3], Asst. prosecutors-concern part-time emp.
A3465 [Conaway, Herb/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+3], Ambulatory surgical ctrs.-concerns
A3520 [Chivukula, Upendra J./DeAngelo, Wayne P.], Solar Energy Advancement Act
A3585 [Cryan, Joseph/Spencer, L. Grace], Alco. bev. retail lic.-concerns
A3616 [Lampitt, Pamela R./DeAngelo, Wayne P.+2], Solar panel, wind turbine-concerns purch
A3673 [Cryan, Joseph/Burzichelli, John J.+2], Developmental disab-estab offender regis
A3731 [Conaway, Herb/DeAngelo, Wayne P.+2], False Claims Act-concerns
A3740 [DeAngelo, Wayne P./Lampitt, Pamela R.], Small wind energy sys. by mun.-prov. reg
A3770 [Scalera, Frederick/Evans, Elease], Legal transcribers-unemp. comp. excl.
A3806 [Chiappone, Anthony/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie], Student Athlete Cardiac Screening-estab.
A3849 [Coutinho, Albert/Spencer, L. Grace], Homeless shelters-concerns
A3870 [Oliver, Sheila Y.], Mover’s svcs.-concerns owner-operators
A3998 [McKeon, John F.], Pub. depositories-govt. unit pub. fds.
A4060 [Quijano, Annette/Chivukula, Upendra J.+1], Telecommunication info.-concerns access
A4110 [Coutinho, Albert], Marine Science Consortium statute-repeal
A4137 [Coutinho, Albert/Spencer, L. Grace], Co. voc. sch. dist-concerns debt svc aid
A4168 [Schaer, Gary S.], Worker’s comp. security fd.-concerns
A4230 [Stender, Linda/Conaway, Herb], Family planning svcs.-concerns
A4262 [Quijano, Annette], Family child care providers-concerns
A4263 [Quijano, Annette], Community care resid. providers-concerns
A4269 [Quijano, Annette/Cruz-Perez, Nilsa], Hispanic communities-representation
A4272 [Johnson, Gordon M.], Police training-concerns
A4322 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie], Capital City Redevel. Corp.-revises org.
A4323 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie], Amer. Recovery, Reinvestment Act-concern
A4325 [Lampitt, Pamela R.], Basic Skills Training Prog. Econ. Growth
A4327 [Lampitt, Pamela R.+1], NJ PLACE prog.-estab.
A4337 [McKeon, John F./Rumpf, Brian E.], Island Beach St. Park prog-dedicate fees
A4338 [Scalera, Frederick/Prieto, Vincent], Vol. emerg. svc. prov.-concerns mun. off
A4340 [Prieto, Vincent], Solid and haz. waste operations-concerns
A4341 [McKeon, John F.], Site remediation grants-concerns
A4345 [Green, Jerry/Scalera, Frederick], Wastewater mgmt. plans-concerns
A4360 [Cryan, Joseph], State’s long-term liab.-annual reporting
A4361 [Burzichelli, John J./Johnson, Gordon M.], Handgun sales & purch.-concerns
A4363 [Greenstein, Linda R.], Domestic Viol. Victim Prot. Pilot Prog.
A4364 [Greenstein, Linda R.], Domestic viol. offenses-concerns
A4365 [Spencer, L. Grace], Domestic viol-self-defense justification
A4366 [Vainieri Huttle, Valerie], Domestic viol. victim-rental/lease prot.
A4367 [Voss, Joan M.], Domestic viol-concerns restraining order
A4376 [Greenwald, Louis D.], Provides temp. PERS definition of contractual salary
AJR132 [Jasey, Mila M.], Postpartum Depression Awareness Day
AJR133 [Burzichelli, John J./Johnson, Gordon M.], Creates Firearms Advis Task Force
S114 [Weinberg, Loretta], Managed care plans-assignment cert. benf
S184 [Bucco, Anthony R./Sweeney, Stephen M.+1], Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act-pub. info.)
S85 [Ciesla, Andrew R.], Legal transcribers-unemp. comp. elig.
S1263 [Turner, Shirley K.], Textbooks, higher ed. instit.-concerns
S1771 [Madden, Fred H./Vitale, Joseph F.+2], Student Athlete Cardiac Screening-estab.
S2019 [Codey, Richard J.], Marine Science Consortium statute-repeal
S2098 [Sarlo, Paul A./Kean, Sean T.], Alco. bev. tastings-concerns
S2312 [Gordon, Robert M./Kean, Thomas H.+1], Ambulatory surgical ctrs.-concerns
S2516 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Girgenti, John A.+2], Developmental disab-estab offender regis
S2534 [Buono, Barbara/Beck, Jennifer], False Claims Act-concerns
S2824 [Girgenti, John A.], Police training-concerns
S2841 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Girgenti, John A.], Telecommunication info.-concerns access
S2941 [Codey, Richard J./Rice, Ronald L.+1], Co. voc. sch. dist-concerns debt svc aid
S3055 [Vitale, Joseph F./Whelan, Jim+1], Family planning svcs.-concerns
S3104 [Madden, Fred H./Sarlo, Paul A.+1], Handgun sales & purch.-concerns
SJR20 [Codey, Richard J.+1], Postpartum Awareness Day-desig. Oct. 20

Senate and Assembly schedules for Thursday