Sipprelle says Mass. GOP win shows Holt has lost his way

GOP congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle says that Scott Brown’s win in a Massachusetts special election was a “resounding victory for ordinary Americans and a wake-up call for a woefully out-of-touch Congress,” and called on U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-Hopewell) to drop his support of the “disastrous” health care reform package.

Sipprelle, a millionaire ex-Wall Street executive, slammed Holt for calling the process that produced the recent health care bill “one of the most open and deliberative processes in recent memory.”

“Congressman Holt has lost his way,” said Sipprelle. “The shady back-room dealing that has characterized the construction of this bill is simply shameful; and the fictional accounting used to support a claim of deficit neutrality has been roundly refuted by Medicare’s own Chief Actuary.”

“After more than a decade inside the beltway, Rush Holt has become a creature of Washington who routinely puts his loyalty to Nancy Pelosi ahead of his sworn duty to serve the constituents he represents,” added Sipprelle.  “I congratulate Senator-elect Brown and the people of Massachusetts on their shared victory tonight, and look forward to adding another ‘Scott’ to Congress this November.” Sipprelle says Mass. GOP win shows Holt has lost his way