Skelos on Monserrate: ‘The Vote Will Be Expulsion’

ALBANY—Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos said that he expects any vote in the chamber regarding Hiram Monserrate, the Queens Democrat who was convicted last year of recklessly injuring his girlfriend, to be for expulsion.

“I think if it came to the floor for a vote, the vote will be expulsion,” Skelos told Fred Dicker on WGDJ. “They have not indicated when it will come for a vote, but the sooner the better.”

Dicker asked what his conference would do if a recommendation were made for some form of censure that falls short of expulsion, whether Republicans would offer another resolution. Brian Foley, a Long Island Democrat, has indicated he would support such a resolution and might introduce it.

“I think that’s something that our conference would have to discuss, and I think it’s a real possibility,” Skelos said. “I believe it can be done, but again, the head of the Senate does have tremendous power in terms of what will come to the floor and what will not come to the floor.”

A special committee is considering a draft report on the incident that led to Monserrate’s arrest, and should issue its findings in the next few weeks. Senate action on its recommendations–which will likely include expulsion–will follow.

Skelos on Monserrate: ‘The Vote Will Be Expulsion’