Souk Shopping with a Pro

I so thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with well-known personal shopper, the French born, internationally savvy, Laetitia Trouillet, I cannot recommend her more highly. There is quite a lot of top-notch quality and design from interiors to jewelry to be snapped up, but will not be found without her expert navigating and connections.

Believe the hype when you Google her-so many writers have detailed her personal driver-service, meandering new and old areas and walking the souks in search of exactly what you tell her you’re after and then some! When back home, she’ll work with you remotely with photos, measurements and custom creations-dreamy find for interior designers I’d say. She has good intuition on what will work for you, and is tough: she keeps her clients moving on schedule and will not let you pay a dollar more than you should.

Insider Geetika Jain adds: “Laetitia was of enormous help. She translated the French, familiarized us with the local culture, recommended the most au-courant restaurants and nightclubs, led us to hand-picked antiques, textile and ceramics shops on dark sometimes very scruffy lanes.”

I will not give away her ‘VIP’ secrets-as you just need to go out with her.

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Souk Shopping with a Pro