The Age Divide

I keep getting the feeling that the race between nine-term Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and 34-year-old Reshma Saujani  is creeping toward something of a battle between the ages.

Substantively, both are progressive Democrats and have ties to the financial industry, which, on the East Side of Manhattan, is a prerequisite.

Politically, their supporters seem to come from distinct enclaves of the city’s political classes.

Yesterday, Saujani touted her fund-raising support from the founder of Twitter.

Just now, I received an unsolicited email from Liz Holtzman, the city’s former comptroller—also the first woman to hold that position. Holtzman served in Congress after she deposed a 50-year incumbent back in 1972.
I’m just waiting for Maloney to start tweeting and for Saujani to dye her hair gray.

Anyway, here’s Holtzman’s email:

“Dear Azi:

“Just like to point out that the 14th CD already has very, very good leadership. Rep. Maloney has done outstanding work on many issues, such as in getting Medicare to pay for annual mammograms, doing away with the backlog on testing rape evidence kits to identify unprosecuted rapists, forcing the federal government to disclose its secret files on Nazi war criminals. These are just the matters on which I have worked personally with her. Let’s also not forget the Credit Card Bill of Rights, the anti-trafficking law, and the help for NYC in the wake of 9/11. 

“Many of her achievements took place when the Republicans controlled Congress, a testament to her ability to attract wide support for her initiatives. As a former Congresswoman, I know few people who work harder, are more committed or more effective than Carolyn. “

The Age Divide