Today in Local Sports Coverage: Beware the Bath

The Same Old Jets did something different last night: They won a big game to close out their season and snatch a playoff berth that looked utterly improbable a couple weeks ago. 

In the Post, Mark Cannizzaro thinks it’s a new day.

Finally, good karma for the Jets at Giants Stadium.

Finally, a memory created in the place for the Jets to embrace.

Finally, the playoffs, where the Jets haven’t been since 2006.

Maybe these are the new Jets, maybe this glorious exit from Giants Stadium truly marks a new era, one in which the Jets seize the big moments instead of leaving a trail of disappointments in their wake.

Vegas doesn’t think so. They already have the Jets as a 2-point underdog in next week’s rematch in Cincinnati, which is a little strange since the Bengals mustered under a hundred yards and had only 7 yards at the half, with their starters still in there.

Steve Serby gives the credit to Ryan and rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez in an epic lead.

They have been joined at the hip from the very beginning, the fat rookie head coach with the Rex appeal and the handsome rookie quarterback with the sex appeal, and today the Odd Couple of Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez can stand on top of the Empire State Building as the Ryan King and Prince of the City, respectively.

I’m not sure if Sanchez should be crowned after an 8-for-16, 63-yard night. Tim Smith states the obvious: “But in a season in which the rookie threw 20 interceptions, the biggest thing Sanchez did Sunday night was avoid turnovers, keeping the Jets’ momentum going by handing the ball off.”

But the name “Ryan King” seems pretty apt after Rex’s defense held the Bengals starters to 7 yards in the first half. So it’s fitting that the “fat rookie head coach” who’s been given so many back covers this year, lands on the reverse of both tabloids getting a frigid Gatorade bath. (“COLD DAY IN HEAVEN,” the Post says. The Daily News is even less inspired: “WRECKING CREW.” What would have been wrong with “RYAN KING?”)

The bath has Mike Vaccarro a little concerned, and he gives Jets fans one more thing to worry about: “I have to say, I’m stunned Rex Ryan opted to leave the overcoat at home. Hasn’t the man ever heard of William Henry Harrison?”

President Harrison, as you’ll recall, resisted his mother’s entreaties to put on a warm coat and delivered the longest inaugural address in our nation’s history in a bitter Washington winter, then caught a cold and died 31 days later. (The only other Whig president, Zachary Taylor, also died in office, leading to the familiar lament: Same Old Whigs!)

While the Jets were closing out Giants Stadium, the Giants were embarrassing themselves again, dropping their final 44-7 to the Vikings. Giants fans are probably wishing the game had been outdoors and defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan had forgotten his coat. He’s expected to be gone.  And your columnists all wonder whether the team even tried, and if it’s better that they did or didn’t. “I do think we tried,” said Tom Coughlin.

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Beware the Bath