Today in Local Sports Coverage: Damon Walks

Johnny Damon gets a farewell back cover from your tabloids this morning. 

The consensus seems to be that neither side won when the Yankees signed Damon’s discount replacement, Randy Winn.

He might have chased a few extra bucks and left behind a Stadium that ideally fit his swing and a winning, big-market club that fit his outsized personality. Of course, the Yankees, too, are losing that Stadium swing and imperturbable personality, and are replacing Damon with a human first-aid station (Johnson) and role players (Winn and Brett Gardner).

The Daily News thinks it was a clash of egos.


Damon either let his own ego get in the way of a perfect situation with the Yankees or he paid a price for trusting [his agent Scott] Boras too much, but in any case he’ll miss his old team more than it will miss him.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Yankees won this standoff. You can make a case that both sides lost, and, indeed, you have to ask whether Cashman allowed some ego to get involved here as well.

Apparently Cashman was screaming at Boras on the phone.

Winn actually seems to be a pretty decent replacement, at one-seventh the salary the Yankees offered Damon. Winn’s numbers are only slightly worse, and he probably didn’t see a lot of fastballs surrounded by an anemic Giants offense.

Somehow, the Nets’ replacements played well last night. The team picked up its fourth win–minus its starting backcourt. Filip Bondy is all over it.

The Nets are 4-40 now, which is better than 3-41, which would have been the worst record in NBA history after 44 games. You take your victories, both statistical and moral, where you can get them. They were playing hurt again, without their starting point guard Devin Harris, yet the basketball moved around purposely on offense for much of this game while the defense was at times ferocious.

Chris Douglas-Roberts, who has become a kind of unofficial spokesperson for the historically bad team, summed it up: “”You appreciate a victory, period. Everybody knows we need one in the worst way.”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Damon Walks