Today in Local Sports Coverage: ‘They’re Mark’s Knees’

Bad news for the Jets? Mark Sanchez looks like he’s going under the knife for arthroscopic surgery on what we thought was his good knee.

The Daily News says he’s “becoming more like Joe Namath every day,” and says the procedure isn’t yet for certain because it’s “elective.”

“Nothing has been finalized,” [Mike] Tannenbaum said at a news conference to wrap up the just-completed season. “They’re Mark’s knees, not mine. He has to make that final decision, but we’ve had a lot of conversations and we’re on the same side of the table.”

George Willis is on that side of the table too.

It’s not my knee, but my guess is he’ll have the surgery — or at least that he should.

The Jets and Thomas Jones seem to be on different sides of the bargaining table. Jones is owed a $3 million bonus if he’s on the roster in March, and the 31-year old running back is scheduled to make another $2.8 million in the last year of his deal. Tannenbaum said there are “economic issues.”
Tannenbaum can always blame the budget, like Brian Cashman did with Johnny Damon. It actually sounds like Cashman is trying to take the high road, for the most part, though he’s clearly unhappy with Damon’s agent Scott Boras.
“I love Johnny,” Cashman said. “I don’t appreciate, obviously, Scott’s representation of the events because we just had a different opinion, that’s all. When I saw he said we never made an offer  he knows that wasn’t the case.”
Naturally, he gets an earful from Mike Lupica.
Really? Johnny Damon turns out to be the one guy the Yankees can’t afford? It would be like finding the one bar girl Tiger Woods didn’t want to take home with him.
Today in Local Sports Coverage: ‘They’re Mark’s Knees’