Today in Local Sports Coverage: We Now Live in ‘Fat City’

Rex Ryan’s mother isn’t going to love the back cover of the New York Post. A week after she conceded to the Daily News that her son is a little overweight, but wondered why the tabloids had to have all those “Fat Man” headlines, the Post goes back to the same trough. “FAT CITY!” screams the head, with a picture of the Jets’ rookie coach hooting and hollering after the team’s upset victory over the Chargers yesterday.

Of course, the fact Ryan is portly doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, unless you count this from Mike Vaccaro:

The Jets coach had nearly collapsed both of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s lungs with a victory hug. Ryan had led what Calvin Pace would call “the loudest singing of the Lord’s Prayer that I’ve ever heard.” He had taken a blowtorch to 41 years of frustration and futility and failure, nudged the Jets to within a game of the Super Bowl, kept alive his famous itinerary. 

Mrs. Ryan will be happy to hear that Steve Serby thinks a lot of her family. 

Al Davis should fire Tom Cable and hire Rob Ryan. Look what the guy did with the Browns defense. Look what his brother Rex has done with the Jets.

In the Daily News, Hank Gola has a “special analysis” called Anatomy of an Upset that features a graphic with some Xs and Os and numbers, and at least a few insights into Rex’s game plan. “Their defense was perfect,” Chargers running back LaDainian Tomilinson said after the game.

Steve Serby thinks Sanchez was nearly perfect in the Post. Gary Myers, who gets Sanchez duty in the Daily News, isn’t quite as breathless

Sanchez threw for only 100 yards and has only 24 completions in the Jets’ two playoff victories. But he made some big throws Sunday, just like he did in Cincinnati. 

Of course, the Jets now have to face the Maker of Big Throws himself, Peyton Manning. Mark Cannizzaro looks ahead to next week, and may or may not be referencing the fat guy theme in his lead.

Well, well. Look what we have here. Look who’s coming to dinner for the AFC Championship against the Colts on Sunday in Indianapolis.

That’s right, Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. The Jets are coming back to town. Yes, those same Jets you could have knocked out a month ago when you instead decided to kneel down.

How delicious is this, Jets fans?

Today in Local Sports Coverage: We Now Live in ‘Fat City’