Today in Local Sports Coverage: Your New Super Bowl Favorites

This morning’s back covers were buzzing around the internet late yesterday afternoon, so they’re no big surprise. With Rex Ryan saying the Jets should be the Super Bowl favorites, how could the tabloids go with anything else?

Gary Myers is less appalled than the headline on his story–“There’s no defense for this kind of talk”–implies. Myers thinks it’s “outrageous.”

There’s just one explanation: Ryan’s brain hasn’t thawed out from standing out in the the brutal cold for three hours Sunday night wearing just long sleeves and a sweater vest.

But Myers gets in plenty of praise for Ryan and how he’s changed the culture too, so it’s less blistering than it sounds.

We’re gonna play like Jets,” Ryan said to Steve Serby. Wait, is that tongue-in-cheek? Isn’t this a fan base that was on pins and needles the last two weeks, dreading the possibility they’d see the Same Old Jets? Serby lets it slide, in favor of reaction quotes from players, who mostly say Ryan was just trying to instill a little confidence.

The Post somehow finds the time to call Deion Sanders, who thinks Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in the game right now, but also thinks Green Bay corner Charles Woodson should win Defensive Player of the Year. “I think Revis is going to be the best corner in the game for years. But honestly this year, right here, Charles Woodson has made a lot of plays, man,” Sanders says. The Post has the stats and it’s hard to argue.

The Giants’ defensive line didn’t make many plays this year, so the ax dropped again yesterday, this time on Bill Waufle. And the Giants are apparently looking at poaching a new coordinator from their crosstown rivals.



Today in Local Sports Coverage: Your New Super Bowl Favorites