Assembly committee to consider Bayonne Bridge issue

The Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee will meet at 2 PM to hear industry experts discuss concerns regarding the Bayonne Bridge, which is too low to accommodate certain cargo ships. Pending introduction and referral, the panel will also consider A-1897 and A-2059, which revises provisions of “New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act of 2009” concerning public-private higher education construction and improvement projects and municipal ordinances to adopt stimulus measures.

The Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee will meet at 10 AM to consider: A-310, which requires account numbers to be truncated on certain sales receipts; A-658, which prohibits certain unsolicited checks; and pending introduction and referral, A-2076, which prohibits the manufacture, distribution, and sale of certain jewelry.

The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee will hear testimony concerning various issues related to reimbursements by health insurance carriers to out-of-network health care providers.  The meeting begins at 10 AM.

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee meets at 10:30 AM to consider A-226, which directs Medicaid to establish medical home demonstration project; A-656, which requires each hospital board of trustees to adopt a written policy governing conflicts of interest; and A-1816, which provides for certain requirements concerning Independent Health Care Appeals Program.
The Assembly Higher Education Committee meets at 10 AM  for a discussion with invited participants concerning the positive economic impact institutions of higher education have on the State. The panel will also consider A-1098, which authorizes county colleges and county vocational school districts to establish green job certification program; A-1550, which prohibits State Board of Education from limiting number of certain two-year college credits that may be applied towards meeting teacher certification requirements; and A-1557, which requires members of governing boards of public institutions of higher education to complete a training program developed by the Commission on Higher Education.

The Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee meets at 2 PM, and pending introduction and referral, will consider A-2070, which extends requirement of wastewater management planning agencies to establish or update wastewater management plans, and extends validity of sewer service areas and wastewater service areas, until April 7, 2011; and A-2072, which establishes procedures to prevent and eradicate bedbug infestations in certain residential property.

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee meets at 2 PM to consider: A-207, which permits sheriffs, local police, and county corrections facilities to hire certain laid off officers without utilizing certain Civil Service lists; A-1168, which  permits bars and restaurants to serve alcohol at bingo games on premises; A-2031, which extends time period during which municipal fire departments may hire certain laid off firefighters; A-2032, which permits certain members of Junior Firemen’s Auxiliaries to perform non-hazardous support duties at fire sites; and A-2073, which clarifies authority of “Blue Ribbon Panel for Review of Long-Term Prisoners’ Parole Eligibility” to review only cases of parole eligible inmates’.
The Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee will hear testimony from invited speakers concerning the regulatory process in New Jersey and problems that it has presented for businesses in the state at their 2 PM meeting, and will consider ACR-98, which proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing Legislature by law to allow in-person wagering and account wagering on sports events at Atlantic City casinos and at racetracks.

The  Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Meeting meets at 10 AM to consider: A-907, which directs the BPU to establish certain energy-conservation programs; A-909, which authorizes companies under BPU jurisdiction to bill customers electronically upon customers’ request; and A-911, which authorizes public providers of utility services to bill customers electronically upon customers’ request. Assembly committee to consider Bayonne Bridge issue