Behind Paterson, The Crooked Line of Succession

When Eliot Spitzer took the oath of office on the first day of January 2007, he promised a new day in New York politics. “This election was not about electing one person as governor,” Mr. Spitzer said. 

How right he was!

When Client Number Nine resigned in March of 2008, he ceded the state to Governor Number Two, David Paterson, who immediately admitted his own foibles with drugs and women.

Now, with Mr. Paterson facing an uproar of his own, and with the possibility that a third person might finish out this gubernatorial term, we look back at the scandalous line of succession–the mostly-corruptible men who’ve been only a heartbeat away, and those who might continue the “august tradition of leadership” (as Mr. Spitzer put it) if Mr. Paterson heeds the calls for his resignation.

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  Behind Paterson, The Crooked Line of Succession