Behold, our newest addictive time-waster

Along with other childhood classics like the Etch-a-Sketch, Lite-Brite and Shrinky Dinks, the kaleidoscope provides many of us with memories of time-losing fun. And now, thanks to the ever-generous Internet, you can not only relive the experience, you can actually make up your very own virtual kaleidoscope.

The virtual kaleidoscope on Ze Frank’s Web site is easy for even the most technophobic user. Simply start to draw in the space above, and with a few choice clicks from your mouse, you can instantly see your own fractal creation become animated. You can choose among a variety of colors, and the speed in which you’d like to see your pattern wax and wane, and then bask in watching this very hypnotic kind of art. Best of all? Squinting not required.

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