Bernie Kerik Going Away for Awhile

Bernard Kerik was just sentenced to four years in federal prison–slightly longer than prosecutors requested–after pleading guilty to eight felonies, including tax fraud and lying about a lot of things.

Mr. Kerik’s lawyers asked that he be free until federal officials determine where he’ll be sent. Mr. Kerik has been confined to house arrest while he awaited sentencing, which has provided ample time to update his Facebook page and a personal blog, The Pillar of Strength. Last year, he made a cameo appearance–accompanying one of the couples to a guard dog training session–on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Observer last spoke with Mr. Kerik on September 10, 2008–four years after his precipitous fall began–while the former police commissioner was planting 23 flags in his yard to commemorate the officers he lost in the 9/11 attacks. Bernie Kerik Going Away for Awhile